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Anonymous eMails with SaferSurf - We Make You Invisible while Sending eMails

SaferSurf - Anonymous eMail

This Is How the Anonymous eMail Transmission Works

The intention of anonymously sending eMails via SaferSurf is that the sender becomes invisible to the receiver. Personal data like name and eMail address of the sender are saved in the eMail program and are saved in the so called header fields of the eMail and are transferred as well during the transmission. The receiver and the 'spy' can therefore verify very easily the identity of the sender. SaferSurf deletes these personal data.

Very Easy Sending of Anonymous eMails

To send anonymous eMails an easy to use tool bar is at your disposal in your eMail program. Alternatively you can just send an eMail to the anonymous agent of SaferSurf and enter the eMail address of the receiver in the subject field. Name and eMail address of the original sender are deleted by SaferSurf. They become invisible to the receiver.

Answers to Anonymous eMails

The sender address individually generated by SaferSurf for each anonymous eMail has a validity of 10 days. SaferSurf will forward answers to anonymous eMails received within that period to your contact eMail address. Answers received later than that will be rejected with the note 'recipient unknown'.

Antispam and Antivirus Protection

The sending of spam using this function is not possible. The mass sending of eMails and the sending of eMails with attachments is not supported.

Anonymous with Every eMail Program

Now anonymous eMails cannot only be sent via special forms in the Web. The functions for the anonymous sending at SaferSurf work with every eMail program, for example MS Outlook or Netscape Messenger.

Supports Encrypted Submission

SaferSurf supports SSL encrypred submission when receiving eMails if you have set up your eMail program for POP3 via SSL. The encrypted submission prevents that someone else can read your email.

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