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Unblock Service Allows Access to Blocked Websites. Without Admin Rights. Without PC Limits.

SaferSurf - Unblock Service

Unblock-Service for Users without Admin Rights

SaferSurf Unblock lets you bypass firewalls and other net restrictions, without having administrative rights on the PC you use. All you need to use the Unblock Service are default user rights.

Unblocked Websites Maintain their Full Functionality

In conventional solutions, unblocked websites, which are loaded using a web proxy, will not maintain its full functionality in most cases. Dynamic content, embedded using Javascript or HTML5 cannot be displayed correctly due to basic technical issues when using a web proxy. The SaferSurf Unblock Service has another technical base. Special SSL-Proxy-Server will load the website directly using an encrypted connection. This way all content, such as text, pictures, videos, or dynamic content, will be displayed correctly.

Works with Different Locations and PCs

The Unblock Assistant works regardless of the location of usage. Unblock websites at your workplace and bypass internet restrictions in cybercafés, hotels, or at airports. The Unblock Assistant will work with any different PC, since you do not need admin rights.

Leaving No Traces on the PC in Use

Upon request you may use the Unblock Service in "private mode". This way the used internet browser will not safe traces of your activity, such as cookies or history entries on the PC. This will be handy if you do not want anybody to be able to see what pages you loaded.

Anonymous for Censorship Authorities and ISPs

SaferSurf Unblock encrypts the transferred data. Because of this you are in fact anonymous for your internet service provider, who can no longer track what websites you visit. Additionally, with this technique you can bypass central internet restrictions. Such a central restriction covers all internet accesses. One of the best known internet restrictions is the so called "China Wall" which blocks for example the complete Facebook infrastructure for whole China.

Different Proxy Locations Bypass Country Restrictions

Music portals, video platforms, and other media providers block their offer for access from other geographical locations or countries. SaferSurf allows you to use different locations by mouse click. This enables you to see US content from another country which would be blocked for everybody outside of the US.

In Touch with Home – Even in Foreign Countries

If you are traveling or staying in a foreign country for study, you will surf the internet there having an IP address that identifies you as being in this country. The Internet Content Provider will identify you as a foreigner in your home country. This will result in you experiencing several content from your home county as blocked. Using the geo location function of your Unblock Assistant you can adopt an IP address of your home country and regain access to all internet content of your home county.

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