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Since it operates independently from the provider, SaferSurf can be used all over the world.


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Automated Scans and Deletion
of Infected Files on the Web

SaferSurf - Virus Protection

SaferSurf against Viruses

The SaferSurf service activates automatically when you connect to the internet and protects you while surfing.

Always Up to Date

SaferSurf effectively protects you from viruses without installation and maintenance of any antivirus software. The real-time scanning does not affect your internet connection speed. The antivirus software used is continuously updated for you. New viruses are recognized without fail as soon as the antivirus software provides countermeasures for that virus. This usually happens within minutes.

Protection from the Latest Threats

SaferSurf protects you from the latest threats from the very moment that a new security flaw is known. Read more

No Updates Necessary

You as a user do not have to worry about updates or maintenance.

No Chance for Camouflage

Viruses do not come into contact with your computer. Even files which have been camouflaged, e.g. by an incorrect file extension, are recognized. The content-sensitive SaferSurf scan reads a Word file as a Word file even when it carries the file extension .DOX.

Detection of Hidden Viruses

Viruses hidden in compressed files are detected effectively and the infected files are removed. This applies even to very well hidden viruses in intricately placed files.

Protection from Rootkits

SaferSurf deletes rootkits directly on the web. The rootkit protection sets in as soon as dangerous data are received on the server. It eliminates the malware before it reaches your computer. Involuntary loading of rootkits from the internet is prevented. Read more

Protection from Spyware

SaferSurf protects you from automatic installation of spyware via ActiveX and prevents the downloading of software containing spyware. The spyware protection deletes dangerous data on the web and eliminates spyware before it reaches your computer. Read more

Expertise for Your Security

The antivirus software cannot be installed or used incorrectly, as it is maintained and checked 24/7 by a team of experts. The servers are connected with 1 Gbit lines.

Failsafe: Dedicated, Multi-secured Lines

Our high-speed servers 1 Gbit connections ensure reliability and high performance. SaferSurf cooperates with one of the world's biggest internet providers NTT Europe open new window

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