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SaferSurf - Web Accelerator

That's How SaferSurf Accelerates Your Internet Connection

SaferSurf is a service that switches itself automatically into your connection to the internet and compresses all requested HTML data. Your browser unpacks the data and displays the web pages.

Images and graphics can also be compressed by SaferSurf. You can select the level of compression yourself. While maintaining almost the same image quality you can surf up to 4 times faster with a maximum image compression.

(whole web page)
without original two times *)
medium very good three times *)
maximum good four times *)
*) Average values during normal internet use. The details vary depending on the compressibility of the images and the ratio between text and images on the selected pages.

In tests web pages and graphics with different settings of image compression were loaded. Test results

Very Easy Setup of SaferSurf

Only one setting in your browser is set on SaferSurf. SaferSurf operates as a proxy service and therefore is independent of your provider or your connection.

Selection of Compression Level by Mouse Click

User of MS Internet Explorer, Opera or Mozilla Firefox can select the level of image compression by mouse click after the automatic setup of SaferSurf in the SaferSurf console.

Bildkomprimierung einstellen

Save up to 70 Percent of Online Fees

SMany internet service providers choose the billing variant based on the transfer volume. With SaferSurf you reduce the amount of data up to 75 percent which means a saving of online fees.

Measurements Confirm Data Speed-up

Measurements showed an acceleration of up to factor 4. Subjective the increase usually seems even bigger as the loading time until the first display of a web page is substantially reduced.

Also for Mobile Devices

Do you access the internet with your mobile phone and laptop? Are you using a PDA or pocket PC? SaferSurf obtains fantastic results with mobile devices. Due to the compression you save up to three times of connection fees.

Speed up the Receiving of eMails

If you receive your eMails via a freemailer and you read your eMails in the browser SaferSurf also compresses these data. This way your eMails are loaded and displayed faster.

Experts Look After Your Safety

A misuse or misconfiguration by the user is impossible with SaferSurf. Experts maintain and control the programs 24 hours a day. The servers are connected with 1 GBit lines.

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