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Automatic Protection from the Creation of
Personal User Profiles by Web Spies

SaferSurf - Anonymous Surfing

SaferSurf Provides Automatic Anonymity

Whenever you change from one website to another, SaferSurf deletes the referrer information from the data stream. This makes it impossible for the service being called up to know where you are coming from, and it prevents spies from figuring it out. In addition, you surf with the IP address of the SaferSurf server. You are virtually incognito.

Your Right to Anonymity on the Web

The right to anonymity of internet users is controversial. According to heise online, two thirds of users want to surf the web incognito. On the other hand it is necessary to categorize internet users according to the last sites they visited and their dial-in location.

You Are Being Watched!

There are different methods of obtaining user information. The most commonly known of these are cookies and IP address analysis. A new method is to create personal user profiles using so called Trackers, Web Spies or Web Bugs. These are small graphics on web pages that allow the recording of an entire internet session.

No Chance for Eavesdropping

SaferSurf not only deletes additional information from the referrer, it also provides a list of known “eavesdroppers”. When one of those uses a tracker, it is blocked by SaferSurf. The coordination of several protection features ensures your privacy on the web.

No Usable Profiles

SaferSurf makes it impossible to determine a connection between individual sets of data, e.g. between several websites visited. The “eavesdropper” sees an individual user surfing the web without any discernable pattern, as if they were using thousands of web browsers. Thus, they get a user profile which is completely useless.

Protection from Recognition through Cookies

SaferSurf sets the cookie's maximum lifespan to a certain time. This allows the user to surf websites which require cookies without any restrictions. However, after the cookie has expired, the user can no longer be identified through the cookie data. Read more

SaferSurf Does Not Pass on Data

SaferSurf is legally protected as a service provider and does not store your IP address together with your user data. Thus, neither SaferSurf nor any third party can make a connection between you and the content you called up at any time.

Guaranteed: Invisibility and High Speed

After you set up SaferSurf, we guarantee that you will be surfing the web incognito. Our high speed servers with 1 Gbit connections ensure reliability and high performance. SaferSurf cooperates with one of the world's biggest internet providers NTT Europe open new window

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